The fashion industry has some seriously dirty laundry. 

 An astounding 100 billion items of clothing are produced annually and 50% of these fast fashion pieces are disposed of within a year (World Economic Forum).

That’s $460 billion worth of wearable clothing being discarded each year due to under utilisation and lack of recycling. (New Textiles Economy Report)

Australians alone discard 23 kilograms of clothing (per capita) every year. This means six tonnes of textiles and clothing are dumped in landfills every 10 minutes. (Ragtrader)

FRDM exists to make fast fashion sustainable— for people and the planet. We know that’s a massive goal so we are taking it one step at a time!

Here’s some of what we are currently doing and where we plan on going (tldr: we’ve got big plans)

At the core of our model, FRDM extends the lifetime of garments and increases their utilisation. This means less resources being used for production and less items ending up in landfill.

Sustainable Shipping
Worried about the environmental cost of regularly shipping your clothes back and forth? Us too! To deliver your packages, we use a shipping company that’s completely carbon offset meaning each packaged shipped to you has zero carbon footprint. We are also working to make all returns carbon neutral as well.

Responsible Packaging
Every FRDM package is shipped in reusable satchels that are compostable in home composting systems. Inside each package you’ll find paper wrapping that is acid-free and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organisation that ensures products are source in environmentally-friendly and socially responsible ways. Our stickers also use an environmentally friendly soybean-based ink that makes paper easier to recycle.

We always want to be better.

Sustainability is a complex issue and we are only just getting started. As a team we are looking at the best way to ethically source our clothes, provide full supply chain transparency and ultimately create a completely circular system (like we said, big plans!).

But we can’t do it alone.

We are always looking for amazing ethical brands, environmentally-friendly organisations, or conscious consumers with creative ideas to work with.

If you can help make FRDM more environmentally and/or socially responsible, we'd love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out at