FRDM was started by Elyse & Sasha, two female co-founders who were feeling frustrated.

Frustrated by fashion.

Frustrated by the emotional rollercoaster triggered just by trying to look and feel good every day as young professionals.

Ever felt insanely happy and confident in a new outfit one minute and then financially stressed or environmental guilty the next? Ever spent hours rummaging through a wardrobe full of things you used to love and still struggle to find something to wear? We’ve been there. It’s. THE. WORST.

We wanted freedom from this vicious cycle. So we built it.

FRDM exists to remove the negative emotions from the shopping experience. By offering apparel as a service, FRDM empowers consumers with dynamic ownership.

It’s our mission to make fast fashion sustainable.

Imagine never arriving to work in the same thing again. Or better yet, imagine never having to drop a small fortune on a dress for a social event. Even renting designer dresses for $150 a wear seems a little overpriced to us! Rather, imagine if this was all included in a monthly subscription cost. Outfits for every occasion - work, uni, weekend, brunch, date night, birthday, wedding, baby shower, family occasion and everything in between.

This is the FRDM dream. 


The minute Elyse met Sasha she knew that a fine friendship was about to form.

Spending the first few months working in the marketing team of a tech start-up, Elyse and Sasha soon realised there was more than a friendship forming, there was budding entrepreneurial partnership.

Elyse, the brains behind the operation had big ideas. Huge in fact. Only thing was she couldn’t execute them alone. Sasha, with her creative passion and fashion expertise was more than thrilled to jump onboard. Heavily resonating with Elyse’s frustration of barely worn clothes in a closet filled to the brim, a number of outfits she wasn’t confident enough to wear and huge environmental guilt building from unwanted clothes, it was evident there was a problem that needed to be solved.

Together they are a powerful and passionate duo on a mission to empower women with fashion FRDM.