Good for your wallet.
Rent and wear as many outfits as you want without feeling guilty about your bank account.

Online shop til you drop for a simple monthly fee.

Good for the planet.
Our model increases the utilisation of each item which means less resources are being used for production, less waste is being generated, and more items are being kept out of landfill! 

FRDM gives users access to an unlimited closet in the cloud so they can online shop guilt-free without harming the environment or their bank account.

Good for you. 
Unlock your happiest and most confident self by always having something new and amazing to wear!

Experiment with your style, try new looks, and say good bye to that full-closet-but-nothing-to-wear frustration!


Simply sign up by creating an account, choosing your desired subscription package and then you'll have full access to start shopping! 


We know your style is unique, so browse our current collection and pick what you love, just as you would if you’re shopping online and check out.


Once your items are picked, finalised and checked out, the FRDM crew will be quick to get your order ready, and we’ll have it to your door in no time.


Wear your chosen items as many times and for long as you’d like.
Once you’re done, send them back and repeat the process to get your new items.


Have fun experimenting with your style, no strings attached!

rotating wardrobe

Seasons, sizes, trends and styles may change. Keep your wardrobe fresh all year round.


Life's too short not to feel happy and confident. But you don't need to break your budget to look and feel amazing. 


What goes around, comes around - take care of the planet and minimise clothing waste.