Unpacking your style

Ok so you’ve baked the sourdough, cleaned the bathroom cupboard, read all the books on your shelf and redecorated your bedroom several times. What’s next? 

Maybe it’s the perfect time for a style overhaul. We know what you’re thinking, why do I care what clothes I’m wearing when I practically live in my loungewear? 

What you wear is an extension of your personality so why not get creative and have fun unpacking your style while you’ve got the time. After all, you’ve ticked all the other tasks off your list. 

The best news is we have a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 


Step 1: Get creative and inspired

This is the fun part. Get on your favourite inspo channel, whether that be Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or maybe a collection of blogs. Really just go wherever it is that you find inspiration. And by inspiration we mean the type that makes you feel good, positive and happy. 

It doesn’t necessarily just have to be fashion or clothes either, it could be interior design, nature, beauty, hobbies. Anything that represents who YOU are. 

Step 2: Building your mood board

Now you’re on a roll it’s time to get saving. Think of it like building a “virtual”’ mood board, made up of all your favourite style pieces, colours and designs. It’s time to place all your collected images together in the one spot. 

Hint, our favourite place to build an inspo board is on Pinterest. You can check ours out here


Step 3: Unpacking your style

Are you noticing a trend? Are there particular looks you see repeated? Maybe you’re noticing an effortlessly cool trend. Think loads of basics, that just somehow work? Your board might be filled with minimal aesthetics that perfectly fit together.  

Or perhaps it’s a relaxed, off-duty vibe, made up of edgy and athletic pieces. Take note of the colours you’re loving, is your board monochrome or alive with bold colours? Maybe there’s loads of beachy, earthy pics featured across your board hinting a bohemian style. 

When you notice a trend forming, begin to find words that describe the vibe you’re seeing. Is it classic, trend-focused, athletic, feminine, casual, timeless, fun…. The list can go on. 

Step 4: Translating to the Wardrobe

It’s only at this point that you can begin thinking how your mood board translates to the wardrobe. 

We bet you’re now wondering what to do if you feel that everything in your wardrobe doesn’t reflect your new found “vibe.” This is exactly why it’s so important to complete the first two steps, building the foundations to continue reviewing as seasons change and your style evolves is key. 

Step 5: Introducing the 2/2/2 Rule

Now don’t think unpacking your style is an invitation to go to your wardrobe and throw everything out. Nope, it’s not an excuse to start fresh. Instead we recommend trying the 2/2/2 rule. 

That is, find two pieces in your wardrobe you forgot you had or may not have worn much, but that perfectly defines your style and fits in with your inspo board. Remember trends always come back around, we would be very surprised to hear there aren't at least two pieces sitting in your wardrobe that you’ll find a new appreciation for. 

Next find two pieces that no longer align with your style. It’s time to find a new home for these. Maybe give them to a friend you know will love them, or even try to sell them on Facebook Marketplace. Don’t feel guilty about finding them a new home. 

Lastly it’s time to find two “new” pieces to add, but don’t think it’s necessarily an invitation to buy something new. Instead it could be going to a market or second-hand store, taking part in a clothing swap or renting from a subscription service (just like FRDM!)! Of course, if you’ve had your eye on something new that perfectly suits your inspired style it might also mean it’s time to invest (after all you’ve done the research to back your decision).  

Finding your style shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun and a perfect extension of expressing who you are! Trust your instinct and never be too serious with yourself.