What’s your working from home style?

If the last month is anything to go by it’s no surprise that the way we dress has probably shifted. The term #WFHStyle is washing over Instagram with so many influencers, brands and people trying to establish just what this means and how they can still infuse their style from home. 

Adjusting to our new world of social distancing and remaining indoors as much as possible has opened up many questions around whether there is even a point to getting out of your pjs. If no one is seeing you then why bother? Well that’s where our personality comes into play, as how we dress during this time differs for each one of us. 

Are you the woman who strives for routine and finds yourself up every morning dressing as if you were headed for the office? Or do you instead find yourself excited for weeks of endless activewear to keep comfy? Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. Here we explore three common working from home styles. We’d love to hear which one best describes you. 

The Always On

Maybe you have that friend or colleague who wakes up each morning to shower and pop on their styled outfit for the day as if they were working in the office. Freshly washed hair, add a little lipstick and a white shirt. Yep dressing for the office is what gets these women in the mood for a productive day working at home. It’s no surprise that this group of women always look stellar for a zoom call! Shirts and blazers remain the daily uniform, while adding a nice pair of earrings is normally the finishing touch. 

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Key Piece

Add a blazer before jumping on a Zoom call. 



Playing in the Middle

Perhaps you find your style somewhere in between? Maybe you don’t mind dressing up for a Zoom meeting, adding a nice shirt with your leggings when you’ve got a social virtual date. You find your mindset somewhere in the middle of wanting to feel comfortable whilst also appearing put together to the outside world. Your style is a mix of both, and it’s all you need to smash through your inbox while also not missing your lunchtime yoga class.

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Key Piece

Pair your leggings with an oversized knit. Our Marley Knit is a favourite. 



Striving for Comfort 

Yep we’re pretty sure you’ll know if you fit this category. You’re the woman who is giving your activewear a run for it’s money and enjoying the luxury of lounging around in it while also tackling big work projects. It’s a rare occasion that you can sit through your working day all in the comfort of your leggings and sweater. And you know what? If it works for you during this time then soak it up! When life heads back to normal we bet you’ll be swapping loungewear for your pant suit and blazer. 

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Key Piece

Complete your look with an oversized cardi. The Tia Cardi is a sure bet!


So it’s simple really, fashion for you. Wear what makes you feel good, feel productive and feel ready to take on the day.

We’d love to see what you’re go-to style is, be sure to tag #frdmstyle to let us know.