Never Fully Dressed Without a Face Mask

It’s no secret a face mask is fast becoming a necessity in our world’s bid to stop the spread of coronavirus, and by the same token the most worn fashion accessory of 2020. 

FRDM is based in Victoria and from midnight this Wednesday, July 22 wearing a face mask outside in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be mandatory (otherwise you risk a $200 fine!) 

Whether you’re in a hotspot or perhaps just looking to purchase one as a precaution, here’s five brands making face masks that are good for people and the planet. All the masks listed below are washable and reusable. 


The Social Studio | $12

We recommend setting your alarm for approximately 9am each morning when The Social Studio restock their handmade masks. Made in Melbourne, this social enterprise exists to empower Australia’s migrant and refugee youth through education and employment. 

These reusable masks comply with the DHHS guidelines, all made with three layers including a soft cotton inside, a cotton blend centre and a water resistant outer layer. Plus there’s a range of patterns and colours to choose from. Set your alarms now to avoid missing out! 

Banded Together  | $24

Feel a little more luxurious with a silk reusable face mask from Banded Together. This mask is crafted from sustainable materials, and is guaranteed to make you feel a little more stylish (and comfortable) while also keeping you safe. 

SisterWorks  | $18

Created by social enterprise SisterWorks, this reusable mask is made from two layers of 100% cotton and one layer of muslin lining. Both comfortable and breathable, a mask from SisterWorks is made with fun, beautifully assorted patterns. 

Money spent on this mask will go towards supporting women who work, with 50% of the profit from these masks supporting the refugee and migrant women who make them. 

The Social Outfit  | $27

With a fantastic initiative, Buy One, Give One, Sydney-based The Social Outfit are making beautiful B1-G1 reusable masks. Created by sewing techs with refugee backgrounds, these masks are not only beautiful but also have the added feel good benefit of each mask bought, another will be donated by the team to someone who needs one. 

Ford Millinery | $24.95

With so many colours and designs to choose from, purchasing a mask with Ford Millinery you’ll not only be protecting yourself but also someone in need. The Masks 4 Mate initiative ensures for each face mask purchased, another will be donated to the Salvation Army. 

Sizes range from small to large, and each mask is made with two layers of eco-friendly cotton. The hardest part when purchasing a mask here will be deciding what pattern you want! 

Stay safe FRDM fam! If you’re feeling isolated and just need to chat, we’re here for you! Get in touch